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1      How do I create a


+ You can use any video recording device to create your video.

+ Smart phones and Tablets have built-in cameras and are often the easiest way to get started creating videos.

+ Video Cameras and Digital SLR can also be used. They have a steeper learning curve but can produce more creative results.


2     How do I edit my


The following free softwares are available:

+ PC Windows Movie Maker

+ Mac iMovie

+ iPhone/iPad iMovie or Clips

+ Android YouCut or Adobe Premier Rush

Additionally, as a student you have free access to Adobe Creative Cloud at home.

This includes full versions of Premiere Rush/Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator. For this and other available software, scroll to the end of this page to Learn more.

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3   Where can I learn

how to use the

editing software?

+ You can use your Student Account to access LinkedIn Learning.
Linkedin learning can teach you the basics of editing for all of these editing options. (Previously called

+ Also, YouTube has many tutorials that can get you started.

If you get really good you could try to become Adobe Certified Associate for free, Learn more.


4     How do I upload

video to Panopto?

There are three main ways to upload videos to Panopto. Web Browser, iOS App & Android App.

Once your tutor has created an Assignment folder you can upload to it.

The following guides will help you:

+ Using a Web Browser

+ Using the Apple App

+ Using the Android App

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5     What files types

can be uploaded to Panopto?

+ Most common files like .mov, .mp4 .avi and .mp3 are compatible.

+ A full list can be found here .

Once your file is uploaded you can also use the Panopto Editor to make any final changes.

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6     Need more help

+ Submit a Service Desk

We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.